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  • LM3886 - 50W Power Amplifier
    Price: AUD$165.00
    Assembly Instructions
    This kit is based on the recommended design in the National Semiconductor specification sheet. Minimum parts are used and more importantly, it is extremely easy to build. Most audio enthusiasts dislike the sound from the power IC, however, the LM3886 successfully makes a claim to stand out from other power ICs. This is proven by the use of LM3886 in some of the well-known commercial products such as Rowland Concentra, 47 Lab Gaincard etc.

    Compared with those 700 watts PMPO commercial boom-boxes with weird flashy lights, this amp truly gives you a taste of Hi-Fi. The LM3886 maintains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 92dB with a typical low noise floor of 2.0ÁV. It exhibits extremely low THD+N values of 0.03% at the rated output into the rated load over the audio spectrum, and provides excellent linearity with an IMD (SMPTE) typical rating of 0.004%.

    Combined with one of our tube preamps, this power amp delivers a Hi-Fi sound system that rivals some of the best amplifiers in the world.

    This kit comes complete with all components, heat sink, 250VA power transformers, LM3886TF etc.
    Power Output: 50W watts into 8 ohm (68 watts max into 4 ohm)
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 1W A-Weighted at 1 KHz 92.5db
    60W A-Weighted at 1 KHz 110db
    THD + N: 0.03%
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