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  • 80W Integrated Amplifier
    Price: AUD$399.00
    (GST included)
    Assembly Instructions
    The remarkable low output impedance of this amp ensures accurate speaker drive and its capability to drive any kind of speaker load with optimum results. This integrated amplifier uses ST Microelectronics bipolar power transistors that are excellent in audio amplifier application. Two pairs of these devices are arranged in a parallel push-pull configuration for each channel. The result is a stable operation with improved power linearity even down to very low impedances. I found it hard to resist the musical overtures of this integrated amp.

    The convenience of using a remote volume control is something you don't want to live without after you've tried one. It is controlled by a Crystal chip that normally only found in a hi-end commercial products and the volume level is shown on a large digital LED display.

    This powerful integrated amp has a built-in DC servo device for speaker protection and a high power rating heat sink.
    Note: All components are soldered and comes complete with 6 digital input selectors including a XLR input, digital volume control operated by Crystal chip, a remote control, audio grade filtration capacitors (Nover LA series) and a 350VA toroidal power transformer.
    Power Output: 80 watts per channel into 8 ohm
    Class: Class AB

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