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  • 845 Tube Amplifier
    Price: AUD$1,745.00
    (GST included)
    Assembly Instructions
    This 845 kit is a single ended amplifier operating in Class A mode with zero negative feedback. 845 are highly regarded tubes due to their large output power, high linear operation and very warm character like other directly heated triode.

    The driver stage is driven by a pair of 6P3Ps and the preamp amplification is handled by a pair of 6J4P tubes. When powered up, the delay circuit allows the tubes to glow for about 1 minute before switching on the high voltage circuit. This can protect the tubes from being damaged by the high voltage before they are properly heated.

    This kit also includes two milliamp meters to allow tuning of the bias current for each channel, while the AC balance potentiometers are used to eliminate the residual hum. The typical achievable level is below 5mV. It is bearly audible unless you like to listen to music with your ears attached to the speakers. For easy assembly, two gold plated PCBs (preamp and power supply respectively) are provided in this kit. Only highest quality components are used which include Auricap High Resolution coupling capacitors, Kimber Kable, Nichicon high voltage capacitors, transformers, stainless steel chassis, choke regulator etc.
    Power Output: 20 watts per channel into 8 ohm
    Class: Single Ended Class A
    Input Impedance: 100k ohm
    Dimension: 322 x 218 x 562mm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 40kg

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