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  • TDA1543 Non-oversampling DAC
    Price: AUD$295.00
    (GST included)
    Assembly Instructions
    This DAC is a non-oversampling and digital-filter-less kit and is based on the concept developed by Mr. Kusunoki. His concept advocates that during the digital to analog conversion, the basic 16 bit / 44.1kHz encoding of the CD should be unaltered (purist approach), nor oversampling or filtering should be used. The digital data is converted to its equivalent voltage on a sample by sample basis.

    In a recent interview, he stated that the issue was not whether it is Non-Oversampling or Oversampling, but the use of the digital filter. Digital filters normally cut off the signals beyond 20kHz with a very steep curve and need around 2 milli seconds of time to calculate the enormous data. This is where it causes smearing in the time domain.

    The receiver chip used in this kit is a Crystal 8414 and the DAC chip is a Philips TDA1543 (8 connected in parallel). A single TDA1543 is not well known for its linearity or performance however, remarkably, their operating voltage is almost 9V. You can notice the improvement in dynamic range as you increase the voltage. Don't try your luck by going too much over 8V. You may burn the chip. In this kit there are eight of TDA1543 chips connected in parallel. This can greatly improve the performance and accuracy of the conversion process. Note: All components are soldered and come complete with digital and optical inputs, ELNA For Audio electrolytic capacitors and a toroidal power transformer.
    Receiver: Crystal CX8414
    DAC: 8 x TDA1543
    Input: Digital and Optical

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